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30mins                          $50

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60mins                          $90 

Mobile Massage Available

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Easy online booking appointment , you can booking any time , any where.

Directly Bill Payment , you don't have to pay if you have insurance benefit 

About Us


We are register massage therapists ( RMT) , have over 10 years massage experience on reduce muscle tension or relieve chronic acute pain.  

The best massage service for neighborhood. We do deep tissues , trigger point massage  , myofascial release , stretch , Range of motion . Rehabilitation after injury or car accident , prenatal and postnatal massage   

What's the program

Massage rehab , will help you reduce  neck Pain , carpal tunnel , joint stiffness, headache and migraine, tennis and golfer's elbow , lower back pain, plantar fasciitis,  sciatica,  arthritis 

Sport rehab , focus on sport injury , strain and stress muscle , joint limitation

Prenatal and postnatal massage , help women recover trauma , decrease pain or sour muscle from lower back 

Work injury , computer relate injury , chronic neck pain , sciatica pain , piriformis syndrome